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Welcome to the Squirrel News Podcast

Squirrel News Podcast

Dear readers,

have you ever thought that Squirrel News is nice, but it would be even better if there was a podcast, too? Well, now we have one.

From now on we’re going to talk once per week about the latest and greatest solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. And in addition to our founder, Jonathan Widder, we even have a great special co-host: Ed Crasnick, Emmy-winning comic from Los Angeles, and an expert on connecting the topics of comedy and mental health.

Ed approached us last winter telling us how much he appreciated our constructive news app. And, as things go in 2021, eventually we ended up doing a podcast together. Now he brings an unprecedented dose of humour into the world of solutions journalism and enriches our show with his own perspectives, experiences and anecdotes. 

Apart from that, the Squirrel News Podcast might be the only show in which a Jew and a German come together to talk about solutions to the world’s biggest problems.

You’ll find all episodes at squirrel-news.net/podcast. And of course, our feed is also available on all the big streaming services.

If ever you feel like getting in touch and tell us about your own thoughts and ideas, just write us an email!

We hope you’ll enjoy the show!


the Squirrel News Podcast team