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Cacao tree economics, coronavirus vaccine efforts, walking sharks

Photo: Héctor Emilio Gonzalez/Unsplash

Australian scientists have recreated coronavirus in a lab in vital step to create a vaccine

Scientists in Australia have successfully replicated the coronavirus in a lab. This could help accelerate the creation process for a vaccine, as well as be used to test antibodies and allow early detection of the virus in symptom-less patients.

Source: Reuters

Foto: João Laet/The Guardian via The Guardian

From gold to cacao: ‘chocolate trees’ offer sweet alternative to illegal industries

Thousands of cacao tree saplings have been planted in Brazil’s largest indigenous reserve to offer an alternative way to make profits to counter illegal gold mining.

Source: The Guardian

Foto: Conservation International/CNN via CNN

Four new species of walking sharks have been discovered by scientists

The discovery comes after scientists investigated the DNA of the then only known epaulette shark.

Source: CNN

Foto: via Business Call To Action

A pioneering Danish internet service provider is connecting underserved communities to the web

The company aims to provide over 230 million people with affordable internet access by 2024.

Source: Business Call To Action

Foto: Ninara/Global Citizen via Global Citizen

A female Indian rock band is tackling gender inequality through their music

The Uttar Pradesh-based Meri Zindagi confront social issues through their lyrics, questioning cultural norms and demanding system change.

Source: Global Citizen

Foto: via The Better India

An architechtural duo in Jaipur have managed to create homes made from recycled paper – which are simultaneously waterproof and fireproof

The green homes designed by the start-up take only two weeks to assemble and could be India’s answer to the sustainable housing crisis.

Source: The Better India

Foto: Mark C. Olsen/Ecowatch via Ecowatch

New Jersey is the first state in the USA to require evidence of climate consideration before granting building permits

Builders will need to provide a detailed explanation of the environmental impact of their projects before seeking planning permission.

Source: Ecowatch

Foto: Andy Weekes/The Guardian via The Guardian

A groundbreaking trial involving the injection of zero-carbon hydrogen into a UK gas network proves that the decarbonisation of heating buildings is entirely possible

The 20% hydrogen and natural gas blend is currently being used to heat over 100 homes and 30 faculty buildings at Keele University.

Source: The Guardian

Foto: Henk Wildschut/New Yorker via New Yorker

Refugees are cultivating tiny gardens in displacement camps, setting up literal roots in their temporary home

The gardening process offers refugees a sense of continuity and brings some colour to the otherwise monotonous situation.

Source: New Yorker

Foto: via The Better India

A Bengaluru start-up is India’s first taxi fleet comprised entirely of electric vehicles

Launched in 2015, the company are disproving the concept that India does not have the appropriate charging infrastructure to support an electric-based transportation system.

Source: The Better India