Easter greetings from Squirrel News - Squirrel News

Easter greetings from Squirrel News

Dear readers, friends, and Squirrel community,

Easter is just around the corner and the first quarter of this new year is over. Everything’s still a little chaotic, with one wave chasing the next, but the sun is (sort of) shining and a new season is on its way (and at least there’s no chance of spring having to retreat into self-isolation).

Our editorial team will be taking a break on Good Friday. On Easter Monday, we’ll put together a few particularly exciting articles from the last three months. After that, we’ll continue as usual – and there will also be a couple of interesting new developments, so keep your eyes peeled!

We’re keen to venture beyond the keyboard soon and try out some different formats. We’d love to examine the topics we present in our editions in more detail with you, and to hear your ideas and enter into real discussion. Honestly, we’re not quite sure what the best format for this is: maybe a podcast, or perhaps audio chat apps like Clubhouse or Stereo. It may end up being a mix of everything, but as soon as it starts, we’ll let you know.

We’re hugely excited about all of these new ideas and projects – but our financial base is still pretty thin. Over 100 readers already support us with a regular donation, and we’d once again like to express our gratitude for helping us spread good news! We’ve also received over 200 one-off donations, and we’re sending a big fat thank you to all of you as well.

These funds have allowed us to start paying a couple of members of our dedicated team of volunteers – but it’s not a lot, and there’s still plenty of room for more. At the moment, just over 5% of our audience are actively making donations. In order for us to keep going, we’re going to need a little more in the funding department. Squirrel News is financed mostly by small and medium-sized donations, and anything you can give helps us to continue our work!

Stay safe and have a lovely Easter!

The team at Squirrel News