Easter greetings from Squirrel News - Squirrel News

Easter greetings from Squirrel News

Squirrel with flowers

Dear readers,

Happy Easter!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took part in our survey a few weeks ago and present you with a first sneak peek of the results. Some of the results we had already expected. Others, however, surprised us – and we’ll write a separate blog post on the topic of donations.

Not surprisingly, most of you use our mobile app to read Squirrel News.

Most participants didn’t report any technical difficulties with the app. One said it “just looks boring” – well, we’re on track to change that!

Our focus seems to be just right

One important question was whether or not our thematic focus really fits. Shouldn’t we expand it? Should we include other topics? The vast majority answered with “no” – good to know!

A majority are also satisfied with our frequency of publication. For 30% of respondents, a weekly summary would even be enough – but 29% would appreciate 5 or more issues per week. We’ll see what we can do about that, but at the moment our resources are a little too limited to make this a reality. Watch this space!

Our respondents also made many different suggestions, and we’re already planning on implementing some of them in our next update. Others we (now) have on the list. Every suggestion that we think’s possible to bring to reality – and seems to make sense to us – will go on our to-do list, which we’ll gradually work through as far as possible.

However, the most frequent response to the question “What should we do differently?” was simply: “I like Squirrel News as it is!”

We were also particularly pleased with the responses to the question: “Does Squirrel News help you to make better sense of the world?” More than three quarters of respondents answered “helps” or “helps a lot”!

In a way, this seems to fit pretty well with Easter. We may not ensure ourselves that light replaces darkness and resurrection takes place – but we do try and make sure that you hear about it when it happens (in a figurative sense, at least!).

Happy Easter and see you soon,

The Squirrel News Team