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Squirrel News is a curated, constructive news app. We collect the most important solution-oriented pieces of journalism from across the international media landscape, and curate them into compact, digestible issues.

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Are you also frustrated by the fact that mainstream news consists almost entirely of conflicts, scandals, wars and disasters?

Then you’ve come to the right place. At Squirrel News, we provide you with the solution-oriented stories and articles which are otherwise neglected: stories covering original ideas, innovative approaches, and solutions to the social challenges we face.

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Not only is our news service free of charge, we are also a non-profit. This means absolutely absolutely all proceeds are reinvested into keeping Squirrel News alive.

In order to cover our costs, we rely entirely on voluntary donations. This way we can remain free and independent of sponsors and advertisements. A small monthly or yearly donation by each reader is enough to keep our future secure.