Team - Squirrel News


Jonathan Widder

Jonathan founded Squirrel News, and is the director of the Constructive News e. V. He leads both the management and the editorial team, and regularly collects news himself. In the past, Jonathan has worked as a freelance journalist and helped build up different media start-ups in Berlin.

Ed Crasnick

Ed Crasnick is an Emmy winning writer, as well as a performer, producer and development executive, and co-host of the Squirrel News Podcast. He is the founder of Makelight, Inc.; an entertainment studio that unites Mental Health and Comedy, and also hosts several other podcasts, a new book, a number of TV projects and community programs. Ed is a big fan of solutions journalism and believes that everything is possible.  He lives by the beach in LA where he drinks coffee and worries.

Leslie Boltron

Leslie is one of the editors in charge of the English edition. She is currently based in Berlin where she studies German. Prior to joining Squirrel News, she worked as broadcast journalist at CNN Philippines. In her free time Leslie likes to hang out with friends, whip up new recipes in the kitchen or make music when inspiration hits. 

Alex Wade

Alex is an editor in the English edition of Squirrel News. He spent most of his life moving around, which has given him a perspective of cultures and people that he wants to share with everyone. He loves the natural world as well as technology and science, and wants to build a world where the best of them are all brought together in symbiosis for a future we can all be happy with. Communication is key to that!

Nina Bohlmann

Nina Bohlmann studies political science at the Free University of Berlin focusing on environmental ethics and policy. She is a working student in the Audio Content Operations Team at Audible. In her free time she enjoys hiking and biking around Brandenburg. She supports the Squirrel News Team by editing the German and English language Podcasts.

Jennifer Giwi

Together with Jonathan and Nora, Jennifer hosts our German podcast. Outside of Squirrel News she is a writer and speaker, conducts constructive interviews, and does conceptual design for audio and video.

Martin Keiper

Martin is a freelance journalist and layout artist. For almost 30 years he was editor-in-chief of the magazine “EineWelt” of the Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in Germany” and also responsible for its book programme. Since his retirement he is a freelance editor and layout designer. Martin believes that constructive stories also need clear analysis and is looking for such stories for Squirrel News in German-speaking media.

Nora Henze

Nora is a freelance journalist in the field of music and entertainment, and also works as a PR manager and moderator. She is co-host of our German podcast and makes sure as many people as possible know about Squirrel News.

Oliver Erxleben

Oliver is Chief Technical Squirrel. He has developed the Squirrel News App and is happy to support a project that he finds exciting and important.

Jonny Schulz

Jonny supports Squirrel News with the design. He designed our logo and also helps us with the web design.

Stefanie Brettschneider

Steffi runs our Google AdGrants campaigns. She is a passionate online marketer and worked for an agency for a long time before she set up as a freelancer. She believes in the Good of mankind and is happy to use her skills at Squirrel News for a wonderful project.