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Squirrel News Easter Quiz

Dear community,

For today’s public holiday, we’ve once again put together a short quiz with questions on topics from some of our favourite issues.

We hope you enjoy it and have a relaxing Easter!

Your Squirrel News Team

Quiz Easter 2024

Test your knowledge about new solutions to global challenges and progress worldwide.

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How has global tobacco consumption developed since 2000?

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The number of homicides has fallen in Detroit. In 2023, the city recorded the lowest number of homicides since…

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The Ecosia search engine uses its profits to plant trees. Approximately how many trees have been planted as of February 2024?

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Which country announced last autumn that it would introduce “Housing First” at the federal level and provide housing for 1,000 homeless people?

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Which country recently became the first in the world to start routinely immunising children against malaria?

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